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Is it a coincidence that “ace” means both “asexual” and “totally cool” I think not

this is especially funny when you think about the fact that “hot” can mean “sexually attracted to something” and is the opposite of cool.

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are you ready to get





i bet at the abc family headquarters just has a big red button on a wall labeled “harry potter marathon” in big letters

And there’s a sign next to it that says “It has been [17] days since our last harry potter marathon”

The higher that number is, the more uneasy the employees feel.

#I think it’s time to push it again says one of the employees

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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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Whenever I am not standing up I have a lapful of cat. Whenever I am in a state of rest, she must be on top of me. 

Once I took a bath and she insisted upon laying on the arm that I had leaning on the edge of the tub. 

She is a mess.



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Since it is in fact Asexual Awareness Week, I am doing the whole coming out thing (at least on tumblr because most my family is on facebook and i dont think im ready for not only the talks about how “thats not a real sexuality” but also to have the responsibility of being “the queer cousin”).
I’m asexual, in case you didn’t see the few vague hints popping up all over my dash the past couple months. In all honesty I think I’ve known for years but have never been comfortable enough bringing it up or mentioning it. I’ve pretty much just decided that I don’t exactly give a fuck who knows because the people who love me enough wont give a shit and they’ll still love me. And the people who don’t think I’m being honest or who judge me harshly or view me differently as a person obviously don’t care about me, and if they don’t care about me, WHY should I waste my time?
So yeah. I’m asexual.
You can put any love, hate, questions or comments in my ask box(which i think is finally working now?).

anonymously send me your opinion about me and I will post it without replying

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coming out as asexual more likeimage

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